CATCH THE SUN provides a fascinating look into the history, science, practice and beauty of ballooning. The full integration of NFC chips in the book is a unique innovation which has not been used before.

When a smartphone or tablet with "NFC inside" is held against a page with a NFC tag:

  • Movie clips are automatically started
  • Readers can connect to social media
  • Free music can be downloaded
  • Background information on NFC can be accessed
  • Digital content can be added to the book by the reader
    Learn more about how to add your own content!

The title song of the book, "Catch the Sun" by Tim Akkerman, is incorporated in the cover of the book.

"Catch the Sun raises the question: Could NFC tags completely redefine how we interact with books in the future? Bridging the physical and digital worlds, Catch the Sun demonstrates how NFC can expand and add value to the traditional book form, and allow consumers to interact with everyday objects in exciting new ways..." John Devlin of ABI Research, the New York-based market intelligence company specializing in global technology markets.

A set of QR codes is printed at the back of the book for those who have a smartphone or tablet that is not NFC-enabled. The QR codes ensure that readers with not-yet-NFC-enabled devices can enjoy most too, but not all, of the multimedia dynamics of this book.

NFC provided by:images/NXPIDENTIVEPublished by:ELEKTORLENTHE

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